8 Qualities Every Great Golfer Has

Do you have what it takes to be a great golfer? This traditional game requires dedication and skill, but there are plenty of other qualities that can set someone apart as a golfer.

There's no doubt that one becomes a better golfer over time, since your skills as a player will naturally grow with each game. That said, the best golfers are those who know that each game requires more than sheer physical know-how.

The very avid golfer definition is someone who has mastered both the mechanics of the game as well as how to be a player with the right attitude.

Here's what it takes to be the best player on any given Orange County golf course.

1. Concentration

In golfing, concentration means dedication to getting the best shot possible no matter what else is going on around you.

Concentration gives you the power to tune out all the little distractions that exist out on the golf course. When you're really focused on the game and your movements, background noise and your internal monologue tend to fade away. Studies have even shown that highly-ranked golfers are likely to have powerful concentration skills.

According to the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the concept of flow describes a state of total immersion in your task. When it comes to golfing, this state of mind can be a huge benefit and increase your chances of success. Flow makes it easy to keep your focus and play the game, whether you're by yourself or with other golfers.

2. Patience

The avid golfer will be patient, with a passion for learning the game. Most people aren't golf prodigies, and it takes some time to learn the skills needed to play. There's an art to controlling your club and striking the ball, and you'll need to master these to get the best results.

Great golfers have the willpower to push through frustration and keep playing, regardless of the results. Patient, deliberate planning tends to have better outcomes than thoughtless swinging. If you're not satisfied with your score after a game, there's always the next one.

Patience comes more naturally to some golfers, but you can still develop this skill if you're not a naturally patient person. After a certain point, you'll learn how to wait longer and take your time while lining up shots, to increase your chances of getting the ball right where you want it.

3. Willingness to Practice

It takes time to develop your skills in any field, and the same is true for golf. There's no way around putting in the hours on the green and learning the best way to handle your clubs.

When you're golfing, the little things make a big difference. Things like your form when you hit the ball and the strength behind a swing can make all the difference. Focused, rigorous practice can help you drive your score down. You can learn more about your playing style and how to consistently take the kind of strikes that help you get the ball into the hole.

4. Strategy Skills

Golf involves a lot of strategy, and the most successful golfers will take advantage of this. It's possible to learn about how different clubs affect your game, or how a certain kind of swing will make the ball roll a certain distance across the green.

A shrewd golfer can use strategy to avoid hazards like bunkers or water features. Others will focus on technical details: many golfers favor a specific yardage, and become experts on playing from that distance. Distance and angle share an important role in every game, so learning about how they work can provide a distinct advantage.

Some strategy focuses on dealing with the obstacles that naturally arise during a game, like wet conditions or wind pushing against the ball. These skills will make sure you have a course of action for common complications while playing.

5. Savvy Playing

After you spend enough time on the putting green and the driving range, you'll learn that playing with all your might doesn't always translate to a better score. Instead, you should try playing to your own unique golfing style.

In most cases, you should aim to strike the ball with grace, not brute force. Moves like the pivot take a certain intention and skill. Choose the ones that work best for you, and stick to them, so you can save your energy for all your best moves.

6. Calm Demeanor

One of the biggest challenges in any game or competition is staying calm. Keeping a cool head in stressful situations helps you make better decisions, and this is true on and off the putting green. This emotional strength helps the avid golfer avoid making impulsive mistakes.

Strong emotions are distracting, and they're harder to tune out than noises or physical discomfort because they are internal. If you can deal with disappointment calmly, you'll be able to move on after a bad round or an imperfect swing.

7. Body Conditioning

There's a common misconception that golf doesn't require physical training. There are plenty of benefits to training your body for golf, just as there are for other sports. Though golf doesn't require the same amount of strength as a sport like football, there are physical aspects to this game, and avid golfers notice it.

Core strength, body flexibility, and mobility all come into play when it comes to this sport. Weight training is a great way to improve your potential as a golfer and prepare your body to take better, more powerful swings.

8. Confidence

Confidence gives every player a better chance at winning, because it encourages people to take complete, powerful shots. Having a positive internal monologue and faith in your abilities will always result in better playing.

Feelings of self-doubt can easily spiral into unproductive obsessions, and those will knock you off your game out on the putting green. Keep your success in mind and forget about all of your doubts, because they're not helpful when it's your turn to hit the ball.

Even when you don't score as well as you hope to, confidence can carry you through the game and give you another chance at winning or meeting your own personal goals. Confidence comes naturally with enough hours of play, but until then, you can actively choose confident behavior.

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